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My fingers rehearse their positions on my fife as the kids file through the door and claim a spot on the gym floor. "Well thanks for inviting us here today! We hope you guys enjoy this show and don't be afraid to come up and ask us questions afterwards if you have them..." Bill White, our drum instructor, gives the introduction then 'taps off' our first musical selection: Road to Boston. I stand straight at attention as the melody soars from the fifes through the room. The snare drum proclaims the rhythm and blends with the fifes in a medley of synchronized musical presentation. Our audience applauds and broad smiles appear when Road to Boston is followed by several more pieces of military music and tales of fife and drum 'in the old days.' 

Christianna Raiche - Fifer with Hanaford's

Bellows Free Academy - October 2013


Wheeler School - November 2012

South Burlington, VT


Hinesburg Elementary School - November 2012

Hinesburg, VT